Here at Two Dreams we customize each clients’ wellness experiences to help them achieve emotional peace, physical well-being, and personal productivity.

We have created a comprehensive program employing various treatment components, therapeutic options, and recreational activities to equip our clients to enter and sustain recovery from the disease of addiction. Our multi-disciplinary team of physician advisors, clinicians, life coaches and other wellness professionals conducts ongoing client assessments resulting in an extraordinarily individualized care plan.

Two Dreams provides the highest quality of care by employing a unique and individualized blend of evidence-based practices in addiction medicine and psychiatry. We focus on whole-person methods rooted in scientific evidence and principles set forth by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. We continuously evaluate each client’s progress throughout his or her stay, adjusting the care plan as necessary to produce optimal healing.

We understand that everyone’s path to recovery is unique. Our team of clinicians and counselors work together with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses life areas of abstinence, peer support, professional guidance, nutrition, exercise, ritual, and medication while addressing your specific needs.