Comprehensive Assessments

A Holistic View of Treatment

Comprehensive assessments are an evaluation of the client as a whole. Our clinical team collaboratively interviews the client and their family in order to integrate various sources of information into one comprehensible story. This in-depth look into the client’s life helps our staff to make decisions regarding future treatment and care. We conduct in-depth interviews, psychiatric evaluations, psychological testing, and behavioral/motivational/social analysis. We also look closely at strengths, limitations, behavioral patterns, motivations, etc. When our team is done gathering information, we meet with the client and family members to discuss a plan of action going forward.

How long does the comprehensive assessment process take?

The assessment process can take anywhere from one day to one week, depending on how many individuals need to be interviewed. We are happy to work around the schedules of our clients and can spread the assessment out over multiple days if necessary.

Where does the comprehensive assessment take place?

Typically we invite clients to join us at our Outer Banks location. Our team is also willing and able to travel anywhere in the United States to conduct at-home consultations.

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