Our Holistic Program

Mental peace.
Physical wellbeing.
Personal productivity.

Restore your sense of possibility and empowerment.

Our wellness approach is to focus on the needs of the entire person rather than attempting to help them eliminate a subset of specific symptoms. Using this treatment modality emphasizes the importance of each client gaining insights into how the interactions between their mind, body, and spirit affect their daily life. The insight gained at Two Dreams help instill healthy habits, which in turn create the change that lays the foundation to restore wellness and wholeness.

Individualized Treatment

We understand that each person is unique, and comes to us with his or her own needs and desires. We do not follow a “one size fits all” model; we develop treatment plans based on each patient’s goals and lifestyle.

Restorative Model

Our focus is holistic, meaning that we aim for overall wellness as opposed to just detoxification and abstinence. In this way, we hope to discharge patients who have improved every aspect of their lifestyle and are ready to conquer whatever challenges they may face outside of the treatment center.

Sleep Hygiene

High quality sleep is an important part of the recovery process, and an important part of life itself. Patients receive their own room upon arrival for maximal comfort and privacy. From the brisk morning walk on the beach, to the regularly scheduled bedtime in a dark environment, our daily schedules are optimized for the sleep everyone needs to succeed.

Learn more about sleep hygiene at Two Dreams.

Natural Rhythms

Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal on their own, as long as we respect their natural rhythms. For that reason, Two Dreams implements program elements that help patients return to their appropriate cadences. For example, we start every morning with a brisk walk in the sunlight on the beach to start the production of “wake up” hormones. The morning walk is followed up a nutritious smoothie to rev up the metabolic cycle.

Small and Intimate Setting

Two Dreams provides a small and intimate treatment setting to enhance the recovery experience. We have a maximum of 10 patients at any given time, so our staff can focus on each person’s individual needs. In addition, an important part of addiction treatment is the community environment in the milieu; having a small population allows patients to form close relationships with fellow peers and staff members.

Beautiful Location

Two Dreams is located on the picturesque Outer Banks of North Carolina. The serene beach landscape allows for a peaceful escape from reality so patients can focus on their personal recovery. In addition, the location allows for a wide variety of recreational activities, including surfing, beach walks, wild horse watching, and more!

Learn more about our Outer Banks location.

3-7-3 Model

This unique philosophy provides the foundation for treatment at Two Dreams. It is a holistic approach to addiction treatment that requires patients to examine their progress introspectively in order to achieve a full spectrum of holistic wellness.

Patients are ready for discharge when they have completed the three phases of treatment, which combine the seven dimensions of holistic wellness, and when they are well on their way to achieving the three main outcomes of recovery: mental peace, physical wellbeing, and personal productivity.

Fun Activities

We encourage everyone to have fun in sobriety, so we offer a wide array of exciting activities for patients to participate in during free time. We have movie nights, recreational sports, excursions around the Outer Banks, and more!

Learn more about recreation at Two Dreams.


Nutrition is a crucial component of the holistic recovery process. Two Dreams implements a comprehensive nutrition plan that is designed to provide natural, long-lasting energy and health benefits to all of our clients. Our clinical staff works with each client to create a meal plan that reflects individual preferences and needs.

Learn more about nutrition at Two Dreams.


Addiction often goes hand-in-hand with an atmosphere of chaos. We find that many individuals struggling with substance abuse live in a mental fog without discipline or routine. Their focus is on the past or future instead of on the present. The mind must be trained to move from its distracted state to one of peace and clarity in order for recovery to be optimally effective.

Learn more about mindfulness at Two Dreams.

12 Step

The 12-step model is one of the most well-known and successful methods of recovery support in the world. First created in 1938 by the group Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), this program is based on honest self-evaluation and affirmation of certain virtuous principles. It has saved the lives of millions of people, and will likely continue to save millions more.

Learn more about the 12-Step model.

Art Therapy

Two Dreams believes that the use of art to depict feelings and thoughts can have therapeutic effects on those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. This technique often helps to promote emotional expression and foster creativity, as well as help individuals recognize and clarify feelings and attitudes.

Caring, Experienced Staff

We hire the best of the best here at Two Dreams. Our staff members are passionate about helping others and many of them have struggled with addiction in the past, so they are empathetic and able to use their own experiences to guide others.

Learn more about our staff.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Individuals struggling with both drug addiction and another mental illness are described as having “co-occurring disorders.” This is a relatively common situation that is exceptionally difficult to treat without specialized support. Our staff here at Two Dreams is specially trained to work with clients who are dealing with co-occurring disorders.

Learn more about how we treat co-occuring disorders.

Long-Term Results.

We emphasize long-term recovery as opposed to crisis management here at Two Dreams. We provide patients with the skills necessary to leave treatment and confront their challenges head-on without relapsing. Risk assessment, coping mechanisms, and self-sufficiency are just a few of the topics we cover in group therapy while working to make our patients ready for their return to their homes.

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