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Located on the tranquil, picturesque shorelines of the Outer Banks, North Carolina, our clinically luxurious, residential treatment facility, offers the ideal setting for focusing on your recovery needs.

With 10 private bedrooms and en suite bathrooms, our facility will provide you with the very best in comfort and relaxation.

Our serene, coastal location affords us the opportunity to schedule recreational outings such as kayaking, surfing, beach walks, and Wild Horse Adventure Tours that help our clients achieve emotional peace, physical well-being, and personal productivity. In addition, our exceptional treatment team is on call 24/7, providing the highest quality of treatment for your individual needs.

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Treatment Services Provided


After all the chaos and dysfunction of addiction, residential treatment is a sanctuary for clients seeking peace. The 24/7 support provides you with the opportunity to fully focus on your needs and your recovery.

Psychiatric Services

Our Board Certified Psychiatrist is regarded by his peers as one of the top doctors in Chicago, and has over 37 years of experience in the field of drug and alcohol psychiatric treatment.

Suboxone Treatment

Two Dreams is an abstinence based recovery program that values and uses medication assisted treatment modalities. In order to help clients gain freedom from illicit drugs, treatment, including medication recommendations, is customized to ensure the best possible outcomes for each client.

Additional Services

Co-Occurring Disorders

We specialize in treating secondary disorders such as trauma, depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, and co-dependency.


We include a 12-step component into our seven dimensions of treatment and replace addictive mindsets with healthy, effective rituals based in group processing.

Sleep Hygiene Program

Our clinicians identify the cause of sleep disorders and introduce effective new habits to facilitate natural fatigue and healthy sleep.

Recreational Experiences

We expose clients to unique indoor and outdoor activities, such as yoga, kayaking, and hiking in order to build self-esteem and achieve personal growth throughout treatment.


The aim of our mindfulness program is not relaxation or happiness, but freedom from the tendency to get drawn into automatic reactions, thoughts, feelings, and events.


We believe in helping our clients adopt a nutrition plan that is balanced in both quantity and content, and consists of moderate portions of natural foods.

Art Therapy

We work with clients to help them recognize and clarify feelings, traumatic moments, and barriers to recovery by promoting emotional expression and fostering creativity.

Learn More About Two Dream Outer Banks

What types of services are offered at the Two Dreams Outer Banks location?

The Two Dreams Outer Banks branch offers residential inpatient treatment in a luxurious beach house located in Corolla, North Carolina. The residence includes a full-sized kitchen, living room, game room, media/theater room, weight room, a deck with porch swings, and a swimming pool. The house is located a short walk away from the beach where clients can enjoy surfing, swimming, and relaxing in the resort-like atmosphere.

What accommodations are available at Two Dreams Outer Banks?

Two Dreams is focused on providing a comfortable setting in which clients can fully engage in treatment. Our beach house facility is located on the peaceful shores of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Every client has a private bedroom with either a king or queen sized bed and a non-shared bathroom. Our luxury residence also includes a full-sized kitchen, living room, game room, media/theater room, weight room, a deck with porch swings, and a swimming pool. The house is located a short walk away from the beach where clients can enjoy surfing, swimming, and relaxing in the resort-like atmosphere.

Who is eligible for inpatient treatment at Two Dreams Outer Banks?

Two Dreams is ideal for adult clients (18+ years old) struggling with substance abuse, addictive behavior, and mental disorders. We recommend our inpatient treatment program to clients who want or need to be out of their home environment in order to focus on changing addictive behaviors and developing a holistically healthy lifestyle. We are not a detoxification clinic, meaning that we do not manage medical withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, but we are happy to refer clients out for detox before they officially begin our program. Individuals are offered services and admittance when a staff member receives documentation from a qualified professional that shows a DSM substance abuse diagnosis with the possibility of a co-occurring disorder. Pre-admission assessment screening will be conducted to gauge appropriateness for treatment services and to prepare the staff for the course of treatment.

How long does inpatient treatment take at Two Dreams Outer Banks?

Our treatment program is customized to fit each individual’s needs, so length of stay is variable. The minimum length of stay is 28 days, and additional 28-day terms are scheduled as necessary. Our experienced staff works with each client throughout their stay to evaluate recovery progress and project timelines for goal completion. The average length of stay in our inpatient facility is 90 days.

How much does inpatient treatment cost at Two Dreams Outer Banks?/What types of insurances are accepted?

The cost varies between clients so it is difficult to give an estimate without gathering more personal information. Insurance coverage varies by company and we are able to give various amounts of aid based on need. Our experienced financial counselor will help you navigate the payment process to determine your coverage and out-of-pocket expenses. We are here to advocate on your behalf to the insurance companies and make the process as stress-free as possible.

What is a typical day like at Two Dreams Outer Banks?

Is free recreational time incorporated into the Two Dreams Outer Banks curriculum?

Clients are permitted to engage in a variety of free-time activities in-between scheduled events. Being located on the shores of the Outer Banks allows us the opportunity to offer beach activities such as surfing, swimming, fishing, and boating/jet-skiing. Clients with special interests such as skateboarding, painting, or cooking are encouraged to continue pursuing their passions during treatment; any desired activity we can accommodate (within reason) is fair game! Other common free time activities include basketball, table tennis, and hot-tub lounging.

What sort of scheduled recreational experiences are incorporated into the Two Dreams Outer Banks curriculum?

Every morning we take a sunrise walk on the beach. Five days a week we engage in some sort of physical activity such as yoga, tennis, basketball, and general free time at the gym. Every evening we participate in a relaxing scheduled activity, for example trips to community AA/NA meetings, movie nights, game nights, cookouts, etc. Every weekend features a special off-site recreational experience such as bowling, shopping, going to the movies, or an activity specific to our prime location in the Outer Banks. In the past clients have enjoyed trips to the aquarium, Jockey's Ridge, the Roanoke Home of the Lost Colony, the Wright Brothers Memorial, and the Elizabethan Gardens. We have also gone on kayaking trips (during the day or during the night for bioluminescence tours), horseback riding excursions in Corolla, historical tours of the Whalehead Club, nature hikes through Nags Head Woods, and more.

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