What makes our oxycodone addiction treatment plans effective?

For many people, oxycodone addiction starts out with a legitimate prescription for pain, be it caused by an injury, surgery, chronic illness, or some other ailment.

We understand that, and are fully prepared to help our clients manage their pain along with their addiction. Through a holistic approach that incorporates physical therapy, relaxation techniques, anti-inflammatory nutritional advice, and more, we are often able to help our clients control their pain without the use of addictive substances.

That being said, we offer individualized treatment here at Two Dreams so pain management is not a part of everyone’s plan. Our unique 3-7-3 model allows for each patient to explore their own recovery while simultaneously healing alongside their peers.

Our Unique Treatment Model

Three Phases

The first “3” refers to our three phases of treatment: coming in, looking in, and looking out. In brief, the Coming In phase is about making the decision to come into the treatment center and learning to trust and tell your story. The Looking In phase is devoted to introspection, acknowledging the addiction, committing to recovery, and reducing or eliminating inducements to use. The Looking Out phase revolves around planning for life outside the treatment center, in terms of managing cravings, relationships, living arrangements, etc.


Seven Dimensions

The “7” refers to the seven dimensions of treatment we feel comprise a holistic treatment experience. In focusing on these aspects of life, we believe we can help our patients to become fully well rounded, self-sufficient individuals.

  1. Abstinence
  2. Peer Support
  3. Professional Guidance
  4. Medication Review
  5. Nutrition
  6. Exercise
  7. Ritual (12-Step Component)

Three Outcomes

The last “3” refers to the three outcomes we aspire to achieve in treatment: mental peace, physical well-being, and personal productivity. In achieving mental peace, patients can cast off the negative emotions fostered by addiction and replace them with feelings of self-worth, positivity, and hope for the future. In achieving physical well-being, patients embrace the mind-body connection and live the healthy lifestyle necessary for fostering a healthy mindset. In achieving personal productivity, patients play to their strengths and contribute to society in their own way while continuing their recovery journey.


Learn more about our unique program, or watch a short introduction video from our founder, Dr. Andrea Barthwell.

What will you experience during treatment for oxycodone addiction at Two Dreams?

All patients undergo a pain assessment upon admission to evaluate the need for pain management of any kind. This assessment is largely based on self-reported answers with physician evaluation available upon request. Our expert medical team will work with you to determine whether or not medication is necessary and, if it is, how to avoid triggering a relapse or risking addiction going forward. Patients experiencing pain will be guided through their own personalized management program, overseen by Founder and CEO Andrea Barthwell, MD, DFASAM. Feel free to explore her blog recounting her own personal journey with chronic pain here: https://drbarthwell.wordpress.com/

The rest of the treatment experience at Two Dreams involves daily process group therapy sessions, individual counseling sessions, physical activities, nutritional guidance, journaling and mindfulness exercises, recreational experiences, and more. We believe that addiction is best addressed holistically and we take pride in our ability to instill in you the tools needed to achieve mental peace, physical wellbeing, and personal productivity.

Morning jog

Daily Ritual at Two Dreams

Ritual is a key component of beating addiction; by ritualizing your daily schedule, you can largely remove the irrational, emotional risk-taking behaviors that oftentimes lead to relapse. We help patients to develop their own rituals by turning them on to some of our own evidence-based habits for success. For example, every morning patients wake up and take a walk on the beach, bathing their eyes in sunlight to encourage the switch from GABA to glutamate, AKA sleep to wake. They then enjoy a 4 oz. fruit and vegetable smoothie after that to start their metabolism and further encourage wakefulness.


The Two Dreams Advantage

We have a maximum of 10 patients at any given time, so we are able to continually update and evaluate each patient’s progress in an effort to maximize their outcomes. We aim for overall wellness, as opposed to just detoxification and abstinence, so when patients leave our beautiful beachside location they are ready to take on the challenges of everyday life.

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