A Word from our CEO, Andrea Barthwell

When I set out to create the Two Dreams treatment center, I knew I wanted to create a place where the disease of addiction was treated using evidence-based methods under the supervision of a caring, professional staff. To this day, we use best practices and an outcomes-based philosophy to provide the highest quality treatment possible for our patients.

While drug use is a preventable behavior, addiction is a disease of learning, memory, motivation, and choice that results in biological, social, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual alterations. Addiction affects the “survival brain:” the non-verbal, emotional, pleasure- and survival-driven part of the nervous system that is not responsive to reason or logic. It does not simply go away through sheer strength of will; abstinence, medication, peer support, professional guidance, exercise, diet, and ritual are all required to facilitate recovery.

That being said, recovery is always possible. It will take time, it will be challenging, but you can achieve mental peace, physical wellbeing, and personal productivity. Call us today and/or browse our website to learn more about our holistic, individualized care plans.

Andrea Barthwell, MD, FASAM

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Light regulates circadian rhythms

Why and How We Live Rhythmically at Two Dreams

The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken

- Samuel Johnson

Every living organism has a natural rhythm. These rhythms are disrupted by illness, particularly drug and alcohol use. A drug can create false sleep. A drug can stimulate alertness. A drug can suppress appetite. Another can stimulate appetite.

The science behind living rhythmically, strategies that promote and restore natural rhythms, and the role of sleep, nutrition, meditation, and exercise in the 21st century approach to healing oneself in recovery are all important aspects of your journey at Two Dreams.

At Two Dreams the concept of living in the NOW (No Other Way) is central to living a life in recovery. Similarly, mindfulness is a state of active, open, non-judgmental attention on the present. Many treatment programs and practitioners are employing mindfulness in the care and management of patients with mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders- diseases and symptoms which tend to cluster together.

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