Special Event: Advancing Women Leaders in Behavioral Health

Special Event

Advancing Women Leaders in Behavioral Health: Masterclass in Leadership Development

Ponte Vedra, Florida
March 4, 2018
1:00 – 4:00 PM


The Willow Institute in collaboration with C4 Recovery Foundation, proudly presents the Advancing Women Leaders in Behavioral Health Series. This will be an ongoing series that will be presented at the WCSAD, CORE, and CCSAD C4 events. The relative shortage of female leadership presents an urgent challenge to the behavioral health sector. Technological, financial, legislative, and other factors are advancing and furthering the industry, making gender equality advances paramount. As a group representing half of the targeted treatment population, women should be strategically involved at the highest level in terms of creating new structures, modalities, and paradigms for how treatment is defined, delivered, regulated, and compensated. 

The first portion of the 2018 Master Classes will focus on essential factors for leadership success and career advancement. Empowered, high-performing women leaders will share global, practical and personal steps necessary on the road to Leadership. During this class, women will have lecture material and small group experiences, allowing for discovery of current opportunities in the field, as well as guidance on how to follow one’s bliss.


The agenda will include:

Cherlyne Short Majors: Moderator

Andrea Barthwell: Leadership in Policy Development: When Duty Calls, Who Are You Going to Call?

Ann Miller: Leadership with the Investment Community: Our New Strategic Partners

Maryann Rosenthal: Integrating Leadership and the Science of Measurement: The Future of Treatment

Arden O’Connor: Entrepreneurial Leadership: Accessing your Wisdom via Mentors and Coaches 


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Masterclass ticket: $100

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